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Community Video
by Equipo ComunicandoNos
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Marcha Dia Mundial de la Tierra en Guatemala por la defensa de la PAcha Mama, por la recuperacion del territorio. Por la cancelacion de las consesiones minereas y la salida del pais de las transnacionales lesivas a la MAdre Tierrra
Topics: Pacha Mama, IPHU GUatemala, Madre Tierra, Dia Mundial de la Tierra, Guatemala, MSP-LA
NASA Images
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Film opens with scenes from the 1976 earthquake in Guatemala. It then depicts how neighboring countries and the U.S. Agency for International Development responds to the emergency. Also shows graphic scenes from other disasters, such as floods, hurricanes, volcanoes, and forest fires. The use of satellites to provide valuable information is covered.
Topics: earthquake, Guatemala, natural disaters, NASA, JSC
The Field Museum of Natural History Library
by Field Museum of Natural History. Chicago, Illinois.
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Expedition led by Assistant Curator Karl P. Schmidt, herpetologist. Expedition party members include: Emmett R. Blake,ornithologist; F.J.W. Schmidt, mammologist; Daniel Clark, general assistant; and Leon Mandel, expedition sponsor.
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Topics: Expedition, Travelogue, Zoology, Scientific Collecting, Central America, Guatemala, Local peoples...
Alternative Views
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499. THE NOBEL PEACE PRIZE WINNER SPEAKS OUT! An interview with Nobel Laureate, Rigoberta Menchu, who is a Guatemalan peace activist. She describes the terribly repressive conditions under which her people have lived for the past many years under the heal of the US supported government. She specifies the problems in her country and evaluates the continuing US role in the situation. News Copyright June, 1993 ******************************************* * Note: * The Alternative Information...
Topics: Alternative Views, Alternative Information Network, progressive media, alternative media, public...
Prelinger Archives
by Ideal Pictures Corp.
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Sensationalist "documentary" on the Agua area of Guatemala, where people live in the shadow of a volcano.
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Topics: Guatemala, Volcanoes, Central America
by Jes˙s Tec˙ Osorio
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Exhumation at Rabinal, Guatemala, continued from Title ID 1108. Date-stamp throughout. Various shots of exhumation site with CUs of bones / Interview with one of the forensic anthropologists. Various shots of anthropologist removing bones, various CUs of work being done, cutting clothing open to reveal bones, putting items in plastic bag, brushing dirt off bones, skulls cradled in hands / A memorial ritual at night [dark]: marimba music is being played. There is what looks like a casket...
Topics: Mass Killings, Memorials and Monuments, Bodies, Bones and Remains, Forensic Anthropology, Genocide,...
Academic Film Archive of North America
by Sullivan C. Richardson
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This film documents the Sullivan C. Richardson Pan American Highway Expedition of 1940-1941, the first of a two-part series describing the first successful attempt to drive an automobile from the United States to the tip of South America (the companion film was 'Rugged Road to Cape Horn.')Here, Richardson and two companions (one of whom is Arnold Whitaker) explore the route that would eventually become the Pan American Highway. The going is rugged: at times, their Plymouth sedan is towed by men...
Topics: Pan American Highway, Monte Alban, Atitlan, Guatemala, Mexico, El Savador